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West Chesterfield Community 

 Chicago's 9th Ward, located on the far South

Side of the city, is one of the largest of the 50 wards.  There

are 77 divisions of community areas officially recognized

by the City of Chicago. Community areas are distinct from

neighborhoods in Chicago. Community areas often

encompass groups of neighborhoods. Although many

community areas contain more than one neighborhood,

they may also share the same name, or parts of the

name, of some of their individual neighborhoods.

Neighborhood names and identities have evolved over

time due to real estate development and changing


The ward includes 6 of these historic and diverse community areas, Chatham (Chatham Club, Chesterfield, and West Chesterfield), Roseland (Burnside, Roseland Heights and Rosemoor), Pullman, Washington Heights (Fernwood), West Pullman (Colonial village) and Riverdale (Altgeld Gardens, Concordia, Eden Green, and Golden Gate). 

Roseland began as a Dutch truck farm community called "Hope." Roseland is the community featured in Edna Ferber's novel,

"So Big," which won a Pulitzer Prize, in 1924.  A lifelong resident of Roseland, Alderman Beale is committed to restoring "hope" to Roseland and other 9th ward communities.  He believes that businesses will not come to Roseland and other communities unless those neighborhoods can support businesses.  

To accomplish that goal, Alderman Beale has worked diligently to create a tax increment financing district (TIF) that would encourage businesses to locate in Roseland.


Pullman is the only Chicago neighborhood that has been designated a National Historic Landmark in its entirety.  Built in 1880 by railroad industrialist George Pullman as one of the country's first model industrial communities planned to house people who worked for the local industry (in this case, Pullman), the approximately four-square block neighborhood has a rich history worth exploring.

Community Area Maps

Click the underlined links below for the map of that area to appear 

9th Ward Map

City Wide Communities Map

All 77 communities recognized by the

City of Chicago



Eden Green

Golden Gate



Roseland Heights


Princeton Park



Washington Heights



West Pullman

Colonial Village

                 9th Ward Neighborhood Associations                    

Through community events, planning matters, and urban development these associations make 9th Ward a great place for all of our neighbors. These organizations also provide valuable information about local neighborhood issues and present excellent opportunities to get more involved in your community. To learn more or get actively involved in your local neighborhood association, please visit stop by their annual meeting.

Golden Gate Homeowners Association

Rosemoor Community Association 


Meets every 1st Saturday at 10:00 AM

St. John De La Salle Church of Heroes (lower level)

10205 S. King Drive | Chicago, IL 60628

Rosemoor logo.jpg

Pullman Civic Organization


Meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Historic Pullman Visitor Center

11141 S. Cottage Grove | Chicago, IL 60628

PCO pic.jpg

Roseland Heights Community Association


Meets every 4th Tuesday at 7 pm

Temple of Glory International

311 E. 95th Street | Chicago, IL 60628

neighborhood-watch-sign 001.jpg
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