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Riverdale Community

Altgeld Gardens Neighborhood

Dear Visitors:


When I campaigned to be your alderman, I promised to clean up the 9th Ward, and make it a safer place in which to live.  Since taking office, public safety, affordable housing, education and recreation have been my top priorities.


Over the past 16 years, I have worked closely with the district commanders, block club presidents, community organizations, and residents to improve the quality of our lives.  As you know, it takes all of us working together to make a difference.


I encourage you to save this page in your bookmarks as a resource for City of Chicago and 9th Ward services.  Use these numbers in case of an emergency, to report a crime, or if you’re in need of city services.  Thank you for your cooperation and involvement.



Your Neighbor and Alderman,

Anthony A. Beale

Alderman, 9th Ward


9th Ward Alderman Anthony A. Beale

City Hall Office                                                       Service Office

121 N LaSalle St., 2nd Floor                                    34 E. 112th Place

Chicago, IL 60602                                                   Chicago, IL 60628

Tel (312) 744 - 6838                                                  Tel (773) 785 - 1100

Fax (312) 744 - 8155                                                  Fax (773) 785 - 2790                        

Business Hours

*Monday                                                                  9:00 AM - 7:00 PM 

Tues., Wed., Thu.                                                    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday                                                                       9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Saturday                                                                  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

*Residential Night (Currently not taking place due to COVID-19)

Residents are welcome to walk-in and meet with the Alderman on a "first come, first served” basis on Mondays between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM. Please note on rare occasions, Residential Night is canceled; please call the office on Monday afternoon to confirm. Residents must have a government-issued ID with a 9th Ward Address.


9th Ward Streets & Sanitation Office              312.745.0005

900 E. 103rd St, Chicago, Illinois 60628          M-F 6 AM – 2 PM

Hal Eason, Superintendent

General Information

-Birth Certificates                                                  312.603.7790

-City Clerk of Chicago                                           312.742.5375

-Chicago Board of Election                                   312.269.7900

-Chicago Public Schools                                        773.553.1000

-Chicago Board of Health                                     311

-Cook County                                                          312.443.5500

-Drug and Gang Hotline                                       800.272.2544

-Secretary of State                                                  312.793.1010


9th Ward Committeemen

-Democratic      Anthony A. Beale                        773.785.5849

-Republican      Wayland Johnson Jr.                    847.496.7871

Click the icon to the right for a printable version of this Calling Card


-Police, Fire, and Ambulance                               911

-Fire TTY (hearing impaired)                               312.747.5047


All City Services and Police-Non Emergency, Call 311 - 24 hours


Chicago Police Department – CAPS

-5th District                                                             312.747.3100

-6th District                                                            312.745.3641

​-22nd District                                                          312.745.0620


-Chicago Department of Water Management    312.744.4420

-ComEd                                                                    800.334.7661

-Peoples Gas                                                            866.556.6001


Chicago Park District

-Main Office                                                            312.742.4200

-Abbott Park, 49 E. 95th St.                                    312.747.6001

-Arcade Park, 11132 S. St. Lawrence Ave.              312.747.6576

-Carver Park, 939 E. 132nd St.                                312.745.2262

-Golden Gate Park,13000 S. Eberhart Ave.          312.742.7529

-Kensington Park, 345 E. 118th St.                         312.742.7529

-Palmer Park, 201 E. 111th  St.                                312.747.6576

-Tuley Park, 501 E. 90th Pl.                                    312.747.6763

-Wendell Smith Park, 9912 S. Princeton  Ave.     312.747.6689


Chicago Public Libraries

-Altgeld Library, 13281 S Corliss Ave.                   312.747.3270

-Carter G. Woodson, 9525 S. Halsted St.              312.747.6900

-Harold Washington, 400 S. State St.                  312.747.4300

-Pullman Library,11001 S. Indiana Ave.              312.747.2033

Consumer Concerns

-Better Business Bureau                                        312.832.0500

-Chicago Dept. of Business Affairs                       312.744.6060

-Cook County State’s Attorney                             312.603.5440

-Illinois Attorney General                                     800.386.5438



-Brock Social Services Organization                   773.291.0500

-CEDA – Low Income Assistance Program         800.571.2332

-Department of Housing                                       311

-Fernwood United Methodist Church (CEDA)   773.291.0500

-H.O.M.E. Weatherization

  for Senior Homeowners                                       773.921.3200

-Shelter Care Hotline                                             311

-MTO- Renter’s Rights (legal services)                773.292.4988

-Neighborhood Housing Services                        773.568.2020


Legal/Social Services

-CARPLS (free legal services)                                   312.738.9200

-Chicago Dept. of Family & Support Services       312.744.4016

-Cook County Bar Association                                312.630.1157

-Cook County Public Defender                                312.603.0600

-Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services   800.232.3798

-Illinois DCFS Child Abuse Hotline                        800.422.4453

-Illinois Dept. of Human Services                          800.843.6154

-Legal Assistance Foundation                                 312.341.1070

-Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities          312.744.7050       

-First Defense Legal Aid                                           800.529.7374

-YWCA Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline                      888.293.2080


Senior Concerns

-Abbott Park Senior Satellite Center                   312.745.3493

-Atlas Regional Senior Center                              312.747.0189

-Chicago Department on Aging                            312.744.4016

-Home Delivered Meals                                         312.744.4016

-Illinois Dept. on Aging and Elder Abuse            800.252.8966

-Medicare                                                                 800.633.4227

-Metropolitan Family Services                             773.371.3000

-Nursing Home Hotline                                        800.252.4343

-Roseland Senior Satellite Center                        773.468.1901

-Social Security Administration                          800.772.1213

-Victory Senior Satellite Center                           773.614.6831



-CTA Customer Assistance                                   312.664.7200

-METRA                                                                   312.322.6777

-PACE                                                                       847.364.7223

-RTA Information Center                                     312.836.7000

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