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Christmas in the 9th Ward

9th Ward Document Center

Forms, Permits, and Applications

 Business / Consumer 

 Block Parties  

Consumer Fraud Complaint
If you have been scammed, the City’s Business Affairs & Consumer Protection/BACP prosecutes businesses for unlawful business practices. In some cases, BACP may collect restitution for the consumers who have been ripped off. Once a complaint is filed, either online or by calling 311, the consumer will be mailed a complaint affidavit in which the consumer explains what occurred in detail. It also requires a notarized signature so that BACP can begin to investigate the case. It is important that this competed affidavit be mailed back within the allotted time frame so the investigation can begin.

Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection complaint categories:


Illinois Attorney General Office/Kwame Raoul

 Senior Concerns  

 Window Signs 

Board of Elections 

Visit the Chicago Board Of Election for more information.

Election Judge Application 

Register to Vote & Change of Address

Vote By Mail 



Permit for Block Parties  and  COVID Affidavit

** Both forms are required for a review


The Block Party Permit can be filled out and returned to the 9th Ward Service Office via email at Please write your email at the bottom of the form. Your permit will be emailed to you. The Fire Department and the Police Canine Unit are separate applications provided below. You will not receive confirmation of their attendance. This is a first come first serve basis and also depends on their workload for the day. Only block parties that have been active for at least one year are eligible for street closure.

Request Mounted Police

Request Fire Truck

Jumping Jack Online Application   Opens in May 





City Claims - Motor Vehicle Damage

City Claims - General Liability/Personal Injury

City Claims - Property Damage

City Claims - How to assemble your claim

Be sure to download the "How to assemble your claim" to be sure you're following the steps properly




One Way Petition 

Stop Sign Petition 

Speed Bump Petition

Residential Parking Petition 

For ALL petitions 100% of the households involved with a petition must sign the petition. When 100% of the households involved have signed the petition please submit to the 9th Ward Office for processing.



Permit for Garage-Yard & Neighborhood Sales

Please fill out the form and submit it to the 9th Ward Office with your state-issued ID or driver's license along with a utility or tax bill. The address must be the same on all documentation.

MeterSave Program (to request a water meter)

Driveway Permit–Residential  

Driveway No-Parking Signs

Shared Cost Sidewalk Program 

(Apply as soon after January 1 as possible!)

Emergency Heating and Repair Program

Open enrollment for the Emergency Heating Repair Program runs from Nov. 1 thru April 1.


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