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You and your neighbors can make a  immediate

difference in your community by volunteering for


Chicago’s Citywide



Day of Service




Clean and green is a great opportunity for residents, school groups and

community organizations to team up and beautify an area in their neighborhood.


The City will provide brooms, rakes shovels and bags needed for clean-up projects.

                 Sat., April 22, 2023               

Register your

Block Club, Church, Org., etc

You may register via telephone by calling 311

This link will take you directly to the

Dept. of Streets and Sanitation website




This link will let you email the 9th Ward service office for assistance. 

34 E. 112th Pl - Chicago, IL 60628

Tel (773) 785- 1100 - Fax (773) 785- 2790

 BEFORE APRIL 18, 2023

PICK UP tools at area Sanitation Division 

Streets and Sanitation

Division 8 (9th Ward)

900 E. 103rd St. 

Chicago, IL 60628

Tel (312) 745- 0005

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