What Does Your Alderman Do?

The Alderman votes on legislation (ordinances) proposed in City Council and serves as an advocate for the interests and concerns of 9th Ward citizens to ensure our communities are "at the table" when city-wide resource and service allocation decisions are made.

The Alderman's Ward Office acts as a satellite city hall, connecting constituents with city services and programs, directing city resources to address the issues impacting your local communities and the quality of life in your neighborhood - including, cleaning streets and alleys, removing waste and refuse, and repairing malfunctioning city equipment and infrastructure. 

The Ward Office staff also assists constituents with social services such as foreclosure counselling, employment assistance, representing the Alderman at community events, and working with a variety of block clubs and community groups to address issues of concern.   

The Ward Office staff is a direct liaison with city departments including Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Buildings, and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) to ensure timely and effective delivery of service needs - fulfilling over 12,000 individual residential service requests in 2013. 

Alderman Beale has prioritized responsible business development and growth to promote job creation and build strong economically sustainable communities.  Attracting new businesses like Walmart and Method and bringing employment opportunities to the community are essential to improving public safety and the quality of life in the 9th Ward.