History of the 9th Ward

 Chicago's 9th Ward, located on the far South Side of the city, is one of the largest of the 50 wards.  The ward includes many historic and diverse communities, including Roseland and Pullman. 

Roseland began as a Dutch truck farm community called "Hope." Roseland is the community featured in Edna Ferber's novel, "So Big," which won a Pulitzer Prize, in 1924. A lifelong resident of Roseland, Alderman Beale is committed to restoring "hope" to Roseland and other 9th ward communities.  He believes that businesses will not come to Roseland and other communities unless those neighborhoods can support businesses.  

To accomplish that goal, Alderman Beale has worked diligently to create a tax increment financing district (TIF) that would encourage businesses to locate in Roseland.


Pullman is the only Chicago neighborhood that has been designated a National Historic Landmark in its entirety.  Built in 1880 by railroad industrialist George Pullman as one of the country's first model industrial communities planned to house people who worked for the local industry (in this case, Pullman), the approximately four-square block neighborhood has a rich history worth exploring.




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