Police/Public Safety




Assist the police in solving crimes and disorder problems!

Since the inception of Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS), the partnership between the Department and the community has proven overwhelmingly positive as we share in the responsibility to keep our neighborhoods safe. With your continued assistance, this approach to joint problem solving will continue to be an effective tool to fight crime throughout the city.

Detective Division Areas

Area 1: 312.747.8380

Area 2: 312.747.8272

Area 3: 312.744.8261

Area 3: 312.744.8261

Area 4: 312.746.8252

 Area 5: 312.746.8282


Quickly addressing the physical conditions that can contribute to crime is a powerful deterrent and can help make your block safer and cleaner. Some examples of these types of services include:

  • Trimming Trees
  • Towing Abandoned Autos
  • Replacing street and Alley Lights
  • Graffiti Removal

To make sure that these types of services are addressed quickly, you should call 311 as soon as possible to report service needs online on the City of Chicago Website, www.cityofchicago.org

What kind of things can I do to make my block safer?


  • Conduct a Neighborhood Canvas
  • Alley Numbering Project
  • Establish Phone Trees
  • Become a Court Advocate
  • Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Organize a Block Club





Emergencies: 911

Non-Emergencies and City Agencies: 311

Narcotic/ Guns

Tip Hotline: -877-CPD-GUNS

Domestic Violence Help Line: 312-747-9972

Gang Hotline: 773-533-GANG

Department of Youth & Family Services: 312-743-0300

D.C.F.S.: 800-25-ABUSE

Logon to www.chicagopolice.org to address Community Concerns in your neighborhood and organize a Book Club.



City of Chicago - IPRA - Independent Review Authority

Investigations that the people of the City of Chicago can trust.

Independent Police Review Authority
1615 W. Chicago Avenue, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60622 -

24 Hour Phone - (312) 746-3594

In 2007, in response to concerns about how allegations of police misconduct were being investigated by the Chicago Police Department, the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) was created and approved by the City Council.  Headed by a civilian Chief Administrator and staffed entirely with civilian investigators, IPRA is an independent agency of the City of Chicago, separate from the Chicago Police Department.  IPRA replaced the former Office of Professional Standards.

IPRA intakes all allegations of misconduct made against Chicago Police Department (CPD) members whether from a member of the public or from another CPD member.  When an allegation involves excessive force, domestic violence, coercion though violence, or verbal bias-based abuse, IPRA conducts the investigation into the allegation and recommends the result. All other allegations are referred to the Internal Affairs Division of the Chicago Police Department for appropriate resolution.

In addition to investigating allegations of misconduct, IPRA investigates or reviews all officer involved shootings, extraordinary occurrences in lock-up, and uses of tasers.  IPRA also may make recommendations of changes to training and policy.

IPRA also provides transparency to the disciplinary process by making public reports on that process.




Illegal parties are taking place within your community and are causing disturbances and dangerous situations. Please be aware of the possible indicators of an illegal party taking place within your community.

  • Occurring in a vacant or abandoned building
  • Charging admission
  • Sale of alcohol without a license
  • Curfew violators
  • Overcrowding
  • Excessive noise
  • Drinking on the Public Parkway
  • Fights and other disturbances

Call 911 when you suspect an illegal party is occurring.

You can also TXT2TIP the police if you receive information that an illegal party is going to occur at 274637 (CRIMES) or call your local district community policing office.

" Safe Neighborhoods are Everyone's Business"